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Dinosaur Teeth, Eating Habits and Lifestyles

Scientists search for many clues as they strive to learn about dinosaurs. Fossilized bones give information about the size and shape of dinosaurs. Studying a dinosaur’s skull and teeth also gives scientists ideas about what these animals ate, how they hunted for food, and how they digested their meals. Carnivorous dinosaurs usually had very sharp teeth, which they used to rip flesh from bones. The presence of flat teeth hints at dinosaurs that probably ate plants. Many dinosaurs actually got new teeth after their teeth wore down and fell out. New teeth might have appeared as often as every month or two for some dinosaurs.












Miscellaneous Dinosaur Information

  • A Short History of Dinosaur Paleontology (PDF): The first dinosaur bones found were thought to be dragon bones due to their size and shape.
  • Dinner or Dinosaur? Both! Carving a turkey has some similarities to dissecting a dinosaur. Turkeys and raptors had many characteristics in common.
  • Oviraptor Philoceratops Dinosaurs: The oviraptor was small like a bird, and this dinosaur lived during the late Cretaceous period.
  • A History of Dinosaurs (PDF): Dinosaurs lived during different periods and in different locations over much of Earth. Humans can only guess how long dinosaurs inhabited Earth.
  • Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History (PDF): An English naturalist created the term “dinosaur” in 1842, using it to describe the fossilized bones that had been discovered.
  • Smallest North American Dinosaur Discovered (PDF): The fruitadens dinosaur weighted less than two pounds, and it was just more than two feet in length. Remains of this dinosaur were found in Colorado.
  • A History of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs (PDF): The inland area of Queensland is the site of an extensive dinosaur fossil find. By digging down past the top layer of soil, people have been able to find the remains of many dinosaurs.
  • Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life (PDF): The American Museum of Natural History has displayed skeletons of dinosaurs for decades in an attempt to educate the public while trying to encourage them to visit the museum.
  • A T. Rex Named Sue (PDF): Sue is the biggest and most complete skeleton of a tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur ever found and compiled. This display tours the world to educate the public.
  • Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight (PDF): Explore the evolution of feathers with scientists’ hypotheses about the dinosaurs that might have had feathers.
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